SnoCreek Alaskan Malamutes

Happy Halloween!!

This was just way too much excitement for one puppy!!!





Oakley & Braden







"Lucy" in her favorite spot!!

Lucia taking care of her baby!!!





Please!!  No more pictures!!!!

Laska....Christmas Hangover!!!!!!


                  Nanuq & Matt


         Princess P                                                 Sitka                                                                                                          


Knox & Merlin....warning, these are professionals, don't try this at home!!!!

One Clear Morning!!!


 Tatiana & Bella

This is NOT a spoiled Malamute!!!!


I can fit....yes, I can do this!!!


"Sterling" giving me a facial!


"Baby Vito"


The Perfect Malamute.......cute, fuzzy and not smart enough to argue yet!


                                                                     Beau & friend


                    "RUFFY" doing Dock Diving!                                                                                  "ELI" doing Therapy!











































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