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SnoCreek's Life of Riley


"Riley" takes after her great-grandmother "Callie".   Making her debut at the Harrisburg shows in April 07', Riley went Grand-Sweeps winner under Breeder Judge Ronda Allen.  Stepping back into the ring for the 07' Regional & National shows, "Riley" made the cuts at the Regional, took a 2nd place ribbon at the National Sweeps and made the cut again in the National class, all without her full coat. WooWoo, what a great week for her and her great grandma!!  Riley takes a 3 pt major at New Brunswick K.C. (3-21-09)!!  Riley goes WB, BOW & BOB over the Special at Trenton K.C. (5-3-09)








                                                               pic by "Muncy"

 Pedigree of   SnoCreek's Life of Riley             

Uyak Geronimo Grip

Ch.Uyak Geronimo George

Uyak Ooloo Oscar

Ch.Uyak Indian Isaac Ch.Uyak Buffalo Bill
Ch.Karohonta Voodoo Muskie
Ch.Karohonta Voodoo Muskie Ch.T'Domar's Voodoo King
Ch.Karohonta Ta-Lo-Wah
Uyak Zany Zanita Ch.Alki's Alute Ch. Karohonta SkyMaster
Ch.Uyak Indian Inez
Uyak Tuktu Tara Uyak Buffalo Barney
Uyak Ooloo Olga
Uyak Hawk Holly Uyak Winter Walrus Ch. Vermar's Formal Attire Ch. Tsunamis Midnight Son
Ch.J-Len's Prairie Twister
Uyak Tomahawk Tante Uyak Navaho Nik
Uyak Senaca Sophie
Uyak Unco Una Ch.White Hawk Kemo of Grand-Paw Kiwaliks Nevada
Chuka II Karohonta Indian
Uyak Tomahawk Tanta Uyak Navaho Nik
Uyak Senaca Sophie
Ch. SnoCreek Scandylous Windrift
Ch. SnoCreek LongWinter's Knight
Ch. Taolan SnoKlassic Mad About U
Ch. Chukchi Savage Chincoteague
A/C Ch. Kiskayo's Best
Ch. Chukchi's Sussquehanna Starr
A/C Ch. SnoKlassic Taolan Quilette
A/C Ch. Kiwaliks Taolan Quilette
A/C Ch. Taolan SnoKlassic Sassafras   ROM
Ch. MoonSong Synrgy of SnoCreek
A/C Ch. SnoKlassic Above the Rim   ROM
Ch. Nanuke's LockPort Louie
SnoKlassic Chenega Kiniksu   ROM
Ch. MoonSong's Driving Me Crazy   ROM
BIS BISS Ch. Nanuke's Colour Me Happy   ROM
Ch. Nanuke's Driving Ms Daisy   ROM
Ch. Nanuke's What A Rush

BIS BISS Ch. Nanuke's A Rushin Revolution   ROM

BIS BISS Ch. Nanuke's Winter Magic  ROM
BIS BISS Ch. Northeast Lucan
Can Ch. Northeast's Misty Minx
Ch. Northeast Scarlet Fever   ROM
BIS BISS A/C Ch. Barrenfield's Rocket Torpedo   ROM
A/C Ch. Northeast's Windsong
Ch. Nanuke's In Living Colour
BIS BISS Ch. Nanuke's Colour Me happy   ROM
BISS A/C Ch. Taolan Flying Colors   ROM
Ch. Nanuke's Karizzma of Karibou
Ch. nanuke's Seal Of Approval   ROM
A/C Ch. Northeast's Wild-n-Wooly
Ch. Northeast Scarlet Fever   ROM
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