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  "Seeker" has moved to Holland with Paula Kroon of Pameiyut Kennels and has become an international stud dog!!  Before he left he was bred with "Scandyl" resulting in 7 beautiful healthy pups here at SnoCreek.  He has produced numerous pups  internationally and the litters have been exceptional.  He has now produced some International Best In Show babies from their first show.  He has also started on their sled team as wheel dog and is doing well, moving up to practicing lead dog.

Accomplishments of "Seeker's" offspring:

Amuloga's First Wolf goes BIS Baby at first show 09'

Amuloga's Lone Wolf goes Best Baby 09'

SnoCreek's offer U Can't Refuse....1st show, WD & BW for a 3pt major win.

Monikoona Chasing Rainbows over Lioscarrig....... "Ziva", 1st show... puppy bitch, Best Puppy, Green Star & Reserve BOB.  following 2 shows...2 BOB, Group 2 & Group 3

Monikoona Casablanca...."Blanca" goes Best Puppy & Puppy Group 2! (12-09)

"ZIVA" - (Ireland) goes Best Puppy Bitch, Best Puppy, Green Star Bitch and Reserve BOB at shows arch 2010       Ziva receives an Excellent review and her Champ ticket in the UK in 2011,  ZIVA Wins the French National 2011!!

"BLANCA" - (Europe) goes 1st Jr.Best Puppy and Working group puppy Winner March 2010, Best In Show in France 2011

the list of winning "Seeker" pups is too extensive to list but I can't thank the following breeders enough for doing such a great job with "Seeker" and his offspring......Special Thanks to Paula Kroon of Pamieyut Kennel, Amuloga Kennel (Luise & Dan), Monikoona Kennel (Izzy) and many others who continue to show his winning offspring......







                                  Seeker @ 5 yrs old





   Seeker on the Team


Seeker & Lady Friend









                      SEEKER At 10 Years old!!











Pedigree of   SnoCreek's Chamber of Secrets                  

Uyak Geronimo Grip

Ch.Uyak Geronimo George

Uyak Ooloo Oscar

Ch.Uyak Indian Isaac Ch.Uyak Buffalo Bill
Ch.Karohonta Voodoo Muskie
Ch.Karohonta Voodoo Muskie Ch.T'Domar's Voodoo King
Ch.Karohonta Ta-Lo-Wah
Uyak Zany Zanita Ch.Alki's Alute Ch. Karohonta SkyMaster
Ch.Uyak Indian Inez
Uyak Tuktu Tara Uyak Buffalo Barney
Uyak Ooloo Olga
Uyak Hawk Holly Uyak Winter Walrus Ch. Vermar's Formal Attire Ch. Tsunamis Midnight Son
Ch.J-Len's Prairie Twister
Uyak Tomahawk Tante Uyak Navaho Nik
Uyak Senaca Sophie
Uyak Unco Una Ch.White Hawk Kemo of Grand-Paw Kiwaliks Nevada
Chuka II Karohonta Indian
Uyak Tomahawk Tanta Uyak Navaho Nik
Uyak Senaca Sophie
Aluks Ray'N On SnoCreek
Ch.Aluk's Back to Black
SnoKlassic Aluk Wild horses
BISS.AM.CA.Ch.SnoKlassic We Will Rock You ROM
Ch. Chukchi Savage Chincoteague
Am CA Ch. Taolan SnoKlassic Sassafras
Ch. Nanukes Vigilante
BIS Ch. Nanukes Revolutionary
Ch. Nanukes Seal of Approval
Aluk's Gather The Clan
BIS BISS Ch. SnoKlassic in Your Face
Ch.Nanukes Lockport Louie
Ch. SnoKlassic Chenenga Kaaniksu
Ch. Oakiok's SnoKlassic Aluk
Ch. Dakota Hawk
DustDevils Lady Gemfire
Aluk Taolan First in Flight

Ch. SnoKlassic Magical Mystery Tour

BIS BISS CH. Taolan Artic Cat ROM
AM CAN Ch. Kiskayo's Best
Ch. J-Lens Taolan Tamisan
BISS Ch. Taolan SnoKlassic Off the Wall
Ch. Taolan Night Train
Ch.. Taolan Taliesin Shenoa
Aluk's Wings of Love
Ch. Dakota Hawk
Ch. Northeast Torch Song
Northeast Crystal Gayle
Kinik's Nakita Atka
Ch. Aluk's Jesse James
Kintoo's Akela of Payson
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